Handyman at your service...

Hello my name is Carey Walters. I am a handyman in Wilmington, Leland and surrounding areas. I am licensed and insured.

Feel free to call me.

I can help with things like...

Furniture Assembly
Clean Gutters
Mount TVs
Rental Property Restoration and Maintenance
Wall Repair
Drywall Repair
Door Replacement
Door Repair
Screen door repair
Screen porch repair
Window screen repair
Fence Post Replacement
Fence Repair
Tree Limb Removal and cutting
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dishwasher cleaning
Dishwasher replacement
Light fixture replacement
Ceiling Fan Replacement
Plumbing fixture replacement
Garbage disposal repair
Garbage disposal replacement
Shelving installed or remove
Power Washing
Stucco Repair
Siding Repair
Concrete repair
Asphalt repair
Items removed and hauled away
General debris removal

Short andlong term rental management!!!

And much more!!!


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Handyman Services Price List: How to Price …

Home > Blog > Handyman Services Price List: How to Price Handyman Services Handyman Services Price List: How to Price Handyman Services
  • By Gaurang Bhatt
  • Last Updated: October 4, 2022

Did you know that: There are currently over 91,120 Handymen working in the United States.

  • An employed Handyman is 47 years old on average, and the average annual salary for a handyman is $42,625.
  • Entry-level salaries begin at $35,100 per year, with the most experienced workers earning up to $62,400 per year.
  • Hourly handyman rates typically range somewhere around $60 and $70 for self-employed workers and around $125 for a handyman who works in the company.
  • This proves that handyman services can be a profitable career path. But what exactly is the list of handyman services that one can provide? And how should you charge for them? Should it be hourly rates or a flat rate, or charging based on a per-project basis? What Should a Handyman Charge?

  • Lists of Common Handyman Services