Pro Home Recording Studio / Performance space

Experienced ProTools engineer with professional gear and recording space to create radio ready cuts.
Sing, play guitar, keys and/or electronic drums along with:
1. Professionally recorded real instrument tracks ready to go for vocalists and instrumentalists alike - custom built to back your singing or playing - whether you need a few demo cuts or a radio ready EP.
2. 12-string electric/acoustic guitar (pro record-ready instrument)
3. Weighted 88-key MIDI keyboard (create a specific piano or synth sound)
4. Alesis Pro-Electronic drumkit, with additional crash and floor tom (with EZDrummer 3 VST) for any whatever customized drum sounds you prefer.

Take advantage of a cozy performance/practice space - sing and/or play live on pro-equipment to hone your performance image before you try out for club gigs, reality contests and the like. Create a photo/demo song portfolio as you work or dress up for a separate photo session - all towards creating your music and performance image brand that will be uniquely your own.

Fees charged by the hour - work at your own pace.

Visit to get a sense of the real spaces/opportunities here.

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