Microsoft Excel Developer and VBA Programmer (Microsoft Office Expert)

Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC

Turning Ideas Into Professional Solutions

Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC has been a leader in creating professional Microsoft Excel® solutions and providing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming services since 2014. You will work directly with the owner who is a former CPA with 25 years of experience in accounting and computer programming.

Take your spreadsheets to the next level! If you find yourself wondering if your Excel projects can do a little (or a lot) more than they are, the answer is going to be yes. From setting up efficient and effective spreadsheets to writing VBA code to extend core functionality, there is very little that Microsoft Excel can't do.

Stop spending countless hours doing the same repetitive tasks. It's time to use VBA to unlock the full power of Excel. All Excel users already have VBA available. VBA comes packaged and ready to use with every major Microsoft Office® application.

Organizing business data in a meaningful way is important. Presenting it in a professional manner is essential. Doing so in a way that consistently and accurately saves time is critical in today's world. Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC will help you do all this and much more.

It is always wise to create the proper tool for the job. It will free up time and save costly mistakes. Hiring a professional Excel developer is an investment every successful business should make.

Services Provided

Microsoft Excel:

  • Create effective, efficient and professional spreadsheets

  • Custom financial reports

  • Dashboards

  • Standard and custom charts/graphs

  • Pivot tables

  • Upgrade older workbooks to add new Excel features, making them more effective

  • Data cleansing

  • Customized user forms

  • Import data from Excel, Access, Web service APIs or many other external sources

  • Export data to other programs or files

  • Retrieve and process XML, CSV and many other types of data files

  • Custom Excel ribbon user interface

  • Integrate Excel with other Microsoft Office applications

  • And much more, just ask

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Programming:

(VBA comes packaged and ready to use with every Microsoft Office application. No additional software purchase is required.)

  • Troubleshoot VBA code created by recorded macros and make it more efficient and flexible

  • Automate repetitive processes

  • Create user defined functions

  • Add custom features

  • Create custom applications based on Excel and other Microsoft Office Applications

  • Combine contents from multiple file types into a single Excel workbook, Word document, etc.

  • And so much more, just ask

Contact Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC today for more information or to request a free quote and consultation. I will telecommute or visit your office to complete your projects.

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