Local Paint Nite Host Wanted - Run Your Own Events

PaintNite.com is on the lookout for Event Owners in your area!

What’s an Event Owner, you ask? They’re the amazing bunch who make PaintNite.com happen. Not only do they host our paint and sip parties and other creative events, but they can plan them too—for in-person, virtual and on-demand audiences.

PaintNite.com is in a league of its own. Instead of working from an art studio with schedules and traditional roles, our Event Owners partner with existing local venues (e.g., restaurants and bars) and can have full control.

If successful, this will become your very own side gig. You can choose when and where you work and create your own connections in the community. But just know that support is always on hand.

We’re looking for people who are…
Fun-loving Self-Starters
Passionate collaborators
Willing to put themselves out there
Looking for a creative outlet

We welcome experienced paint artists, but this isn’t a requirement. We offer a variety of creative events—from candle making to creating terrariums. Plus, you can introduce your own!

You may be responsible for…
Planning events
Liaising with venues
Sourcing supplies
Customer satisfaction
Setting up and tidying away after events
Adding your events to the public calendar
Local marketing

The perks
No scammy fees, or out-of-pocket costs.
Access to our global customer base.
Opportunities to make passive income with our Project Share Program.
Build community and connections locally and with your fellow Event Owners.
Support from a local mentor, our national team and other Event Owners.
Opportunities to be featured in national company emails and social media posts.
Flexibility: Pick when and where you host events, how often and what you create. Plus, choose between in-person, virtual and pre-recorded experiences.
Use our online marketplace to help find venues near you.
Optional monthly webinars to help you grow your events.
Opportunities to host private events and corporate events.

About Us
PaintNite.com is home to the original Paint Nite®. Not only do we host paint sip parties but many other creative experiences, too, including chunky knit blanket making and mosaics.

Our priority is forming connections and having fun—not creating professional artists!

What makes us different?
We meet in restaurants and bars, so there’s a better atmosphere!
Our hosts take center stage.
We have more options for our guests to enjoy.
We’re not a franchise and have a fairer revenue share.
Each time a project is used, the original creator earns royalties!

For more information, feel free to reach out to our team at [[email protected]].

We look forward to hopefully connecting with you soon!


compensation: up to 70% of all ticket sales

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How to Host Your own Paint Party - The Palette Muse

What’s more fun than creating your own painting? Doing it with your friends! (And a little wine never hurts either.) Here’s how to host your own paint party. I’m convinced this is why the whole social painting scene is taking off. You may have heard of Paint and Sip nights or Coffee and Canvas. It’s also called Social Painting, or Social Creativity, and it’s a great way to get some “girl time” while doing something creative, especially if you think you have no artistic ability and would never attempt to paint a whole painting by yourself. The only drawback is it can be kind of pricey, and you may not have a studio near you that offers such a thing. Never fear, I’m here to show you how to host your own paint party, and I’m even going to walk you through the process of creating an aspen tree painting, so you can lead your own group of intrepid artists-in-training. We recently did this at my church, and it was a blast! It was a great way to spend time together, and the guests all amazed themselves with their paintings. The question I heard the most leading up to the painting party was “Do I need to know how to paint?” I reassured everyone that even if they’d never held a brush, they’d be able to create their own painting, and I would lead them every step of the way. They all looked simultaneously relieved and skeptical. But it was true! The secret is creating a simple, well-planned project ahead of time. Here’s how we did it. ~This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will receive a tiny bitof the profit atno extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!~ First, plan your party:

Party (and Painting) Space

You’ll need a venue with plenty of table space. Each painter will need about two feet of their own space, so don’t try to cram 6 painters around your kitchen table. Lighting is also important. If you’re having an evening party, consider whether your space will have adequate lighting for each workspace. These two considerations made our church the perfect location. When you’re planning your party decorations, make sure to get enough cheap plastic tablecloths to cover the work tables. They’ll look nice with your party decor, but will really serve the purpose of protecting your tables and helping with cleanup later. You don’t need much for decor because the paintings will make it pretty for you. Make great food! Nothing brings people together like party food. Stick to finger foods that can easily be munched on with one hand, while holding a paintbrush in the other. (Although we had an amazing chocolate cake which didn’t fit the finger food requirement, but it was so worth it anyway!) Don’t forget the drinks! Since we had this shindig at the church, we skipped the wine (although I’m pretty sure Jesus would have been OK with it) in favor of coffee. Invite your friends, and reassure them over and over again that they’ll have fun, even if they can’t paint a lick. I promise they really will. Next, plan your painting.

Or just use this one.

For this first go-round, I decided to stick with a limited palette and use a simple composition, so we painted aspen trees in the snow. This allowed us to use a couple of tricks that cut down on the need for special painting techniques. For this painting, each person will need:

  • A 9 X 12 canvas (Get the kind that’s stapled on the back, not the side, so the finished painting doesn’t need to be framed.)
  • 3 paintbrushes – a fine point, a medium, and a larger flat brush
  • ...