Jacobs Strat Style Guitar/ David Gilmour Signed/ FINANCING AVAIL - $650

Jacobs Stratocaster Style/ HandCrafted in the USA. Local Builder


FINANCING AVAILABLE ... Text the code for application...TEXT 48078. Enter Dealer number in text message....40296

Out of State buyers for sale on eBay....eBay item number:134295519348

Serial # 20220911

David Gilmour Engraved Copy signature. This is not a real signature is an exact copy done by a lazer machine. Very Very Cool.

1- CNC Alder Body
2-Maple Neck
3-Fender TexMex Pickups/ Like Stevie Ray Vaughan/ I am a player I love these pickups. They Rock and when you roll off Their clean.
4- CTS Pots
5- Switch-craft Switch.
6-Level and Crown for Low Professional action
7- Pro Setup.
8- Locking Tuners

Watch Video:...https://youtu.be/ii78iQI6ORg. GUITAR FLAT OUT SMOKES. WHAT A DEAL.

Think about this a moment. You buy a Fender. Your buying a name. They are not what they used to be. I own Vintage Strats and they are Great. But they Manufacture their parts in China ship them here assemble then and say made in the USA. You Chose. Want a real Players guitar for less than 1/2? This is it.
We are Local Builders in Miami, we are also Players. Guitars built by Players for Players.

Comes with Padded Gig Bag.

condition: new

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